— For her contribution to the latest series of Define Beauty, London-based director Marie Schuller has turned to the dark depths of the web, holding up a mirror to strange cultural occurrences that have become the everyday. In a new film, Babyface, the filmmaker highlights the pressure placed on young girls and women to meet an unrealistic and unvaried standard of beauty. In a world littered with images of everything from a contoured Kim Kardashian to vlogger tutorials teaching you how to reshape your face, it begs the question: are these body-altering processes warping our ideals of how a woman should look? Or is the contouring trend a move towards further agency, as its roots in the drag scene might suggest? Drawing on a YouTube format that sees young girls posing the questions, “am I pretty?” or “am I ugly?” to anyone who wants to watch, Schuller cast pre-teen girls engaging in extreme cosmetic techniques in order to present her provocative point at face value. (


Directed and edited by Marie Schuller. Commissioned by Raven Smith for NOWNESS. Shot by Franklin Dow. Set Design by Ciaran Linden Beale with the help of James Cross. Styled by Christopher Maul. Make Up by Ariel Yeh. Hair by Roku Roppongi.