Bo Ningen: Slider

— The intensity of avant-rockers Bo Ningen collides with director Marie Schuller’s geometric world in the hallucinatory film for “Slider.” “I shot them in their most natural habitat—performing live,” says the German-born, London-based filmmaker. “By capturing them in such a raw way, my job was to create a surreal, unapologetic and unforgiving world around them.” Influenced by krautrock, punk and Japanese pop, the band take sartorial cues from more unlikely places. “Japanese pro-wrestlers, not rock stars, are my style heroes,” says bassist and vocalist Taigen Kawabe, perhaps alluding to the cameo of two bare-chested fighters grappling in today’s film. “Especially those who fight the death match—they go and sell merchandising straight afterwards, covered in their own blood.” Fetish pin-up Anita de Bauch and mature model Alex B also feature in Schuller’s video. “I am much more interested in storylines that remain abstract,” says Schuller, who had work screened at Cannes 2013 and is head of fashion film at SHOWstudio. “The characters represent different layers from the song—their scenes are all glimpses into unresolved storylines, which remain a mystery throughout.” (