Florin's Act of Bravery

— Florin's Act of Bravery is a story of adolescence alienation set in rural Transylvania. The film plays in Cata, a secluded village in Romania. It is the story of a local boy called Florin who feels disconnected from his surroundings, his family and his culture. An introverted and quiet character, Florin escapes this alienation and boredom into an increasingly poetic inner life of thoughts and wonder. Unable to form relationships with locals, he retrieves into his own privacy both mentally and physically by building a hide-out decorated with found objects within an abandoned communist structure. Florin's few contacts to the outer world are rare visits to his grandmother and short conversations with colleagues at a gas station where he works. His work place also offers Florin a window into the world beyond his isolated village community in form of passing travellers. It is here that he collects lost or dismissed mundane items that form the base of his hide-out, as well as the centre of many narratives and story lines in his mind. His main relationship in life however is with his best friend Andrea, with whom he has a close and affectionate friendship. Andrea is not only everything that Florin is not - outgoing, spontaneous, fearless - she also is able to understand Florin in all his eccentricities and longs for him to be happy. Florin's increasing internalisation renders the outside world into a sinister, dangerous place and paints the close knit village community as an ominous threatening group, yet it never becomes clear whether this is reality or only Florin's own reality who over time has removed himself deliberately from his surrounding. An incident that ends in the destruction of his private hide-out finally leads to a confrontation between Florin and the village, suddenly forcing him to confront other people, address his life and interact with the community in the film's climax inside the village bar.


Written and Directed by Marie Schuller. With Words By Maya Prabhu.  Creative Directors: Nusrat Durrani, Eric Miclette. Featured Designer: Alex Mullins. DoP: Franklin Dow. Stylist: Adam Winder. Set Designer: Hannes Schuller. Production Romania: Petra Cozianu. Hair: Sofia Sjoo. Make Up: Bobana Parojcic. 1st AC: Polydoros Panayiotou. Sound Recordist: Dan Mirica. Camera Gear: SLV London. Lighting Gear Romania: Razvan Veris. Production Assistants: Emil and Lehel. Driver: Dan Braica. Edit: Marie Schuller. Online and Grade: Studio RM. Thanks to: Frieder Schuller, Eginald Schlattner, Mo Schlattner, Emil, Bar Katzendorf, the people of Cata, Transylvania.

CAST:  Florin: Benjamin Milan. Andrea: Diana Catanescu. The people of Cata, Transylvania